Noelex Yacht Association of Australia Inc


The Noelex 25 is of New Zealand origin and evolved from the Noelex 22 built to the ideas of Noel Honey and Alex Trethewey, hence the name ‘Noelex’. The first production model also incorporated many design changes by the builder, Steve Marten, he re-designed the cabin top, the interior and changed the keel to a dagger board. He also raised the solid top to give more headroom and lowered the mast height by one metre.

Production commenced in 1978. The first one was numbered 500. The pop-top came much later during production, starting with yacht 747. Number 800 was the first to have an interior liner, an idea copied from the larger N30 design.

To everyone’s surprise, in August 1987 Marten Marine announced that they had suspended production. The last Noelex 25 build in New Zealand is number 911. Marten Marine sold the enterprise to an Australian company, Noelex Yachts Australia Pty Ltd of Goolwa SA. Sadly this firm no longer exists. The company went into liquidation in June 1995.

In recent years Austral Yachts of South Australia acquired the building and marketing rights. Only two are believed to have been produced by Austral, numbers 1027 and 1028.

Nevertheless, a total of 525 or so N25’s have been constructed and it seems that all but one are still sailing! There are currently 257 or so Noelex 25 yachts in Australia and 268 in New Zealand.

For keen and fair racing, and to protect the owner’s investment, to keep to the essence of the boats simplicity, to maintain resale value and to encourage keen competition, strict Class Rules have been established and maintained. This makes the boat highly popular and along with its great cruising performance, these are the major reasons why the NX25 retains popularity and high resale value. The Noelex 25 is a fast racer and an ideal cruiser but can be enjoyably sailed single handed by an experienced sailor.

The Noelex 30 was initiated and built by Marten Marine of NZ, combining inputs from Marten, Trethewey and Bruce Farr. It is much roomier version of the 25 with a racing potential and the ability to sail comfortably offshore. The first one was built in 1985, numbered 1501.

For a short period around 1987 the Noelex 30 was marketed as a Farr 940 by Sea Nymph New Zealand. The last Noelex 30, numbered 1637, was constructed by Noelex Yachts Australia Pty Ltd.