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 The Noelex 25 has a rounded underwater profile with a retractable fin centreboard and a stern rudder blade that swings away.  It is a light displacement design with attractive performance-enhancing fine lines. The appearance is enhanced by an uncluttered transom; the outboard motor is inside the cockpit in a well where it can be conveniently got at.

The standing rigging is simplicity itself, a ¾ fractional rig – there are only three parts to the standing rigging, the forestay and two cap shrouds, they join the mast 1.8 metres from the top. The top section of the tapered mast is unsupported.   The shrouds are swept back 34° and attached to the chainplate fittings some 600 mm rearward of the mast base.  There is a spreader fitted 2.8 m up from the mast base. There is no backstay. There are no lower shrouds.

Being a fractional rig the N25 has a relatively larger mainsail and a smaller non-overlapping jib, unlike a masthead equivalent. The small, light, self-tacking jib is easily manageable, the sheeting loads are down and no winch is required. The main is the more important sail; the boat sails well with just a main alone. For downwind sailing the jib is substituted by a spinnaker.

In windy conditions the jib can be taken in without the boat rounding up unlike masthead rigs. In stronger winds the unsupported top portion of the mast falls away bending the mast, flattening the sail and thereby lessening the tendency for the boat to heel excessively.

This arrangement leads to a sailboat that is easy to rig and easy and satisfying to sail, is a good up-wind performer and copes well in stronger winds.


Noelex 25

Length overall (LOA) 7.77 m
Waterline length (LWL) 6.75 m
Beam 2.5 m
Draught-board up 0.3 m
Board down 1.4 m
Ballast 272 kg
Displacement 1180 kg
Towing weight 1780 kg
Sail area (working) 21.37 m2
Spinnaker 32.03 m2
Spinnaker (small) 21.08 m2
Mast length 8.0 m


Noelex 30

LOA 9.41 m
LWL 8.17 m
Beam 2.86 m
Draught–board up 0.52 m
Board down 1.92 m
Ballast 587 kg
Displacement 2176 kg
Towing weight 2400 kg
Sail area (working) 40.19 m2

This fit-out information is for the Noelex 25.
The Noelex 30 also has a luxury fit-out.

- Hull and deck ,joined with rubber fender strip
- Keel and winching system.
- Sink waste fitted
- Hatches fitted
- Wood trims fitted to interior, plus companionway trims, washboards
- Main bulkhead, galley, door and interior shelf trims
- Windows fitted (tinted perspex)
- Table
- Handholds on deck
- Outboard flap and motor mounting board
- Rudderstock, blade and tiller complete
- Deck fittings (all controls to cockpit)
- Main traveller and self tacking headsail system
-Mainsail and ,jib, including two reefs in Main
- Mast and boom
- Squabs and cushions (4″ buttoned draylon)
- Hanging locker
- Quarterberth shelf and plate locker
- Cutlery drawer
- Forward shelves and vanity unit
- Foodbin
- Pulpit, stanchions and lifelines
- Navigation lights, wired
- Battery box, wired
- Condiment shelf on main bulkhead
- Galley bin in timber
- Large spinnaker and all gear fitted including pole
- Boarding ladder

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